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SAP Analytics Cloud, Software As A Service (SaaS), receives a great number of updates and occasionally some new features don’t quite get the visibility they should. For example the Smart Assist capabilities have come to

Live Universe connectivity recently received a subtle but significant update. At that time I previously blogged about the new features and capabilities. Since then, I’ve updated my Live Universe Connectivity Best Practice wiki with a

Live Universe connectivity, to the SAP BI Platform, is about to get a significant update but watch out! If you don’t take action before wave 14 hits you, you won’t be able to edit or

SAP BusinessObjects Universes can be acquired by SAP Analytics Cloud as well as connected to in a ‘live’ means. When connecting ‘live’ the data stays on-premise and only metadata is uploaded into the Cloud. You

Connecting the on-premise world to the cloud presents many questions and sometimes a picture is the best way to provide an answer. This is why I’ve published architecture diagrams and process flow diagrams for SAP

Lumira 2 saw Lumira 1.x and Design Studio 1.x converge into a single technology. These two different technologies had their own BI Platform service and utilised other services on the BI Platform in a different

Once Lumira 2 has been installed there are limitations to when old content, from both Design Studio 1.x and Lumira 1.x, can be promoted. This blog shares what is supported and will enable you to

In my blog about updating to BI 4.2 Support Pack 4, I mention there is a gotcha caused by the crypto libraries being updated. This means that you have to update your server and clients

In this blog, I talk about the SAP BI Platform auditing performance in terms of getting the audit events into the Auditing database. I share how you can gain an insight into any delay and

If you’re updating your SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform to Lumira 2.x then you’ll have a few questions about the various server Add-ons. This blog provides a high-level view of the steps you need to follow