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Disclaimer: Views I express here are not necessarily those of Hydro Tasmania. SAP Fiori Makers Call – July 19th July 26th Updated Date of call – Apologies for the late notice! A little while back,

Intro Okay, to make an awkward combined sports metaphor, the SAP Developer Skills proverbial puck that Gretzky tells us to skate to where it’s going to be, seems to have split into several pucks in

  See the photo above? That’s me, and that moment was one of the rare but memorable moments in my life where my passion for music combines with my passion for SAP. Now pan out

Overview Pages are a core part of the Fiori 2.0 Vision, and if you are using the Fiori Launchpad to any great extent, you’ll find that demonstrating the Overview Page will immediately get people’s attention

In less than 4 weeks, SAP TechEd will be well underway in Barcelona and as has become a tradition for over 5 years (if we count Las Vegas), the Jam Band is on again thanks

Warning This is written for those who live and breathe Workflow & Inboxes plus are implementing Fiori My Inbox. It’s a quick post just to put my thoughts on a solution when moving from POWL

What is Git and why do I need it? In short, the Fiori User Interface (UI5) code does not have the equivalent of version management like ABAP does. Sure, when you deploy your UI5 code


Two different approaches to implementing Fiori A combination of the Fiori Launchpad, Fiori apps, and Personas is a big part of the the future for your SAP Enterprise software; however the journey is not a

Introduction I originally posted a question about the title of this post http://scn.sap.com/thread/3886381 after seeing DJ Adams post highlighting an upcoming webinar about the Fiori Launchpad they are hosting in the next few days.  It

The 21st of October, 2015 is known to many as the date that Marty McFly and Doc go into the future to save Marty’s future family; but more importantly, it is also the date of