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“We’re not abandoning the loyal customers who have contributed to our success,” Mr. Chen wrote. Too bad he didn’t feel that way about PowerBuilder… Article link

Fellow PowerBuilder Community members, The North Carolina PowerBuilder User Group (NCPBUG) in conjunction with our conference sponsor, Appeon Corporation has decided to postpone our previously announced conference scheduled to take place in May.  We would

Future Proof with PowerBuilder The North Carolina PowerBuilder User Group (NCPBUG) and Appeon Corporation are pleased to announce that the Charlotte PowerBuilder Conference will be held on May 16-20 2016. The Center City Campus of

Here in the USA when the federal government gets involved it’s generally a recipe for disaster. But this might not be a bad idea… http://associationsnow.com/2015/09/compulsory-computer-science-schools-germanys-considering/

We are starting to think about the next conference (in 2016). What topics would you like to see for sessions/workshops?

Many of the session slide decks and related materials are now available on the NCPBUG.ORG website.  Follow this link.

John Strano to Conduct Second Track of Pre-Conference Training (May 4 & 5) at the Charlotte PowerBuilder Conference The North Carolina PowerBuilder User Group (NCPBUG) is pleased to announce the availability of a second set