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Masaaki Arai

Purpose of this blog The first purpose of the blog is to provide an overview of CDS View and explain the differences between the CDS View types. There are many types of CDS Views, and

Purpose of this blog This blog illustrates how to find the predefined VDM (template of the CDS View for business entities  in S/4HANA)  for a table, e.g. finding the VDM “I_ProfitCenter” for the table CEPC.

Date Function for Fiori Smart Business app By using Data Function, it is possible to filter date dynamically in Fiori Smart Business Apps. It is important especially for Smart Business KPI tiles as they don’t

Purpose of this blog: This blog intends to encourage you to enjoy high productivity of custom object development by using predefined Virtual Data Model (VDM) in S/4HANA by providing the sample of Custom CDS Views

Purpose of this blog: This blog explains how the Cardinality of Association in ABAP CDS View works. Association is used to link a view (or table) to the source view (or table) in CDS View.

Purpose and target audience:  This blog explains the scenario to create BW Query on top of CDS View (Transient Provider).  includes how it can be created and the values for doing it. By using this

Purpose of this blog: This blog explains how to create Fiori Multidimensional Reporting using custom Analytic Query or BW Query as a source in S/4HANA on-premise. It is based on the following SAP Note. 2623507