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Today’s reading culture (especially the one of IT folks) is often focused on short documents (like this blog 🙂 ) that can be read in only a few minutes. Most other stuff is often considered

The “Merged Prompts” feature was initially provided by the SAP Business Warehouse (BW). When using multiple data sources in one connection, the backend (BW) merges the variable values of multiple data sources (using the same

Yesss, we can!!! SAP received the 2015 “red dot” award in the category „design concept“. After a long journey SAP has finally reached a point where the efforts in the area of design are recognized

Getting started with parallel processing is easy. Assign data sources to processing groups, set “Merge Prompts” to false, and just execute the application. 🙂 While this is true in general, there are some things you

Let me start with a confession: I’m German 😉 As Germans we have a lot of abbreviations that have been used for horrible stuff in our history. For example my job as a Software Architect

After a blog on Performance Improvements for Design Studio 1.5 here is one more blog with Design Studio Performance best practices in general. Although these topics may have been presented in earlier blogs, here you’ll

A particular focus of Design Studio 1.5 development was to improve performance. This document describes many aspects of performance improvements, which are divided into: The Free LunchNew performance improvements, which you get automatically when upgrading

Do you remember Linus Torvald’s talk at Google where he presented Git? He called everyone a moron who was not thinking that Git was the greatest version control system of all time. He especially scoffed

Disclaimer: The content of this blog refers to variables of data sources in BW systems. In Design Studio data sources can refer to BW systems (Queries), HANA systems (Views) or DSL universes. All of them

Before you start reading this… This blog is about measuring the performance. Measuring is mostly done with the intent to improve performance. Special tips on how to improve the performance is not the main focus