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Martin Pankraz

Today, I’m going to make your life as integration developer a whole lot easier. Whenever there’s a complex transformation requirement, for instance combining rows from an excel sheet into one object by a common identifier,

Dear all,   Lately there were some buzz around the SideNavigation SDK component in DesignStudio and Lumira Designer. We already have a nice implementation on the SCN SDK community repository. It uses our cross-component shared

Dear all,   When it comes to displaying key figures, we usually assign scaling factors with their prospective magnitudes in mind. But what if the magnitudes scatter a lot depending on filtering or key dates?

Dear all,   Complimenting my posts on a SDK commentary component and my precious WebSocket implementation I would like to show you how you can finally share thoughts on your dashboards – live! The component

Dear all,   After working the DesignStudio space for two years now, I got the chance to look into some Fiori topics lately. As a result I would like to share a Fiori component with you

Dear all,   As requested by Alex Cruickshank in his question How to make Design Studio play a sound I added a new SDK component called Audio to our community repository to bring some music to our dashboards. So far

Dear all, Some time ago I started to make an effort to replace the SAP standard prompt and the dialog based analytics components to enable the Design Studio users to interact with the dashboard in

Dear all, Recently I was told that working with characteristics for statistical evaluations is a nightmare on BEx queries. Let’s have a brief look at financial ratings for that purpose. They are usually represented as

Dear all, As of today working with KPI tiles in Design Studio involves assigning data points to pre-designed and pre-positioned KPI tiles. Meaning requirement or even data set changes impact your dashboard since the existing

Dear all, Have you been wondering when you would finally be able to put comments on your Design Studio dashboards in a decent and tremendously customizable way for free? Well, that day is today! In