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Considering the big picture of extensibility in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud we consider two concepts: in-app extensibility and side-by-side extensibility In-app extensibility use applications on SAP S4HANA Cloud to adapt your business according to your

With S/4HANA Cloud you get innovations on regular basis delivered by SAP. But custom specific business extensions or even new functionality is still an important part of your overall business solution. It is important that

The SAP S/4HANA extensibility concept supports your business to adapt the standard processes with easy to use extensibility apps in a flexible and fast way. With this you define and add fields to Fiori screens,

In this blog I describe the Zero Downtime Option approach which is part of Software Update Manager 2.0 Abstract: The motivation of ZDO is to perform maintenance events (i.e. applying support packages) of the ABAP applications

This blog has the focus on updates of SAP BW and considers downtime minimization capabilities of SUM and the benefits for the SAP BW. The BW upgrades are related to SAP BW Updates and Upgrades,

This article gives you an overview of the tools, features and services that SAP offers to minimize your planned downtime when you for example execute an update on your SAP system. Planned downtime is related

In this blog the Zero Downtime Option was introduced. The most recent updates on Zero Downtime Option of SUM can be found in the following blog post: Zero Downtime Option of SUM (ZDO) is “available

With SL Toolset 1.0 SP11 or higher the nZDM 1.0 for SAP NetWeaver Java is available for download. We support the SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Business Process Management (SAP BPM), SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP Manufacturing

The Process Integration scenarios are considered as downtime critical. Therefore the downtime minimization for SAP Process Integration has been in focus of the business continuity roadmap since beginning of the SAP initiative. In this blog,

Import of customer releases in uptime is available in the SUM With the newest Software Update Manager (SUM 1.0 SP14) the powerful feature to consider customer transport requests in the SUM is general available. Before