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As a co worker once said “Everyday’s a school day”, and I certainly learnt something new today. Hopefully, this will help you in the future. … I was debugging the presence of a text entry

Remember, this is pre-release software (which is why I used a virtual machine), so install at your own risk. Furthermore, I don’t work for SAP and this blog should not be considered as as an

Based on the social media feedback and the activity on the previous blogs in this series, I’ve obviously hit a sore point with a lot of people. However, it was a bit rude of me

Previous entries in this series Does SAP really want NON SAP Developers ? 1 Does SAP really want NON SAP Developers ? 2 Remember our scenario? Alice is a non-SAP developer. She is familiar with

For full details of our remarkable journey, I refer you to the first post in this series, but to summarize, Alice is a non-SAP developer, physically located in Australia who is familiar with web front-end

I believe that this blog series will show that, despite the talk, SAP are not serious about enabling access to SAP systems for non SAP developers to download install and run SAP systems for development

subtitled I don’t need no stinkin’ plug-in (or Maintenance Certificate, or Solution Manager, or….) My motivation was to learn about UI5 by doing it. However, since I’m currently resting between engagements, I was unable to

Have you ever attempted to run SAP ABAP or JAVA components (or any other application) on a Windows Server and got the following error? The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is

I was performing a Netweaver installation that was looping. Specifically, the ”startJava” phase was examining the system profile, modifying the system profile, restarting the JAVA engine, examining the system profile, and so on I looked

There are occasions when it is necessary or useful to serve static data files or data from a Netweaver system. In the first example, our CRM Bobj team have developed an Adobe SWF report that