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Hi All, we are happy to announce that with the latest WebIDE (version160728) a new version of the Approve Purchase Order reference app is available. What´s New?: The app is based on the latest UI5

This document describes how to setup a backend System for the Fiori Reference Applications to run them in the WebIDE. The Fiori Reference Applications are based on the Enterprise Procurement Model (NW-EPM) which is available

Hi all, I just came across this article at Forbes.com and wanted to share that with you. SAPVoice: Breaking New Ground in MOOCs – Forbes You will find the MOOC course Susan talks about in

Background As of Netweaver 7.40 SP10 developers can have access to the full stack of the SAP Fiori Reference Apps. The backend now includes all parts needed to run two SAP Fiori Reference Apps end-to-end.

SAP recently released the first three Fiori Reference Apps as part of the SAP Web IDE. They showcase how Fiori Apps are developed in a perfect way and come with full source code and comprehensive

Starting with Release 1.6 the WebIDE development environment includes Fiori Reference Apps. The Fiori Reference Apps are end-to-end apps based on the Enterprise procurement model (EPM) to showcase how business apps should be developed wuith

Overview The Approve Purchase Orders App is a typical example of the approval process. It uses the Split Screen pattern and shows a list of purchase orders and the corresponding details. Users can search for

Overview Shop is a transactional app that allows the user to browse a product catalog and order IT equipment. It is a fullscreen application with table filter and growing list. Below you find pictures of

This guide shows you how to run a SAP Fiori Reference App using the SAP Web IDE. In this case the Shop App. Start the SAP Web IDE using the link you received from the

What are SAP Fiori Reference Apps? The SAP Fiori Reference Apps are sample applications that help developers and designers with their development projects. Developers Both new and experienced SAP Fiori developers can see real working