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Markus Viol

With the release 1811 of Business ByDesign the new html5 frontend client introduces a new feature for the Endusers to create his/her own dashboard pages. To offer this feature for the Endusers, the Keyuser has

The Fiori Overview Pages of the html5 client of SAP Business ByDesign will be adaptable not only by the End- but also by the KeyUser. All features which are already explained in the last release

New Overview Pages: With the release 1808 SAP Business ByDesign made another step towards SAP Fiori design by adapting the card based layout of the Fiori Overview Pages. All content on these overview pages will

Shortcut Personalization: Adding links to the Shortcuts menu of the navigation bar on the left was already possible, but now it is also possible to maintain them by pressing the minus icon of the shortcut

Disabling of Codes for Extension Fields: In alignment with the Silverlight client with 1802 it is also possible now to disable and enable maintained codes for extension fields, done by the customer.   TextEdit support

Scope In this blog I will explain the differences of the shortcuts handling between the 1708 and the 1711 release of SAP Business ByDesign and especially the new html5 user interface. In Release 1708 the

Scope The blog is about the new personalization features of the Fiori Launchpad for SAP Business ByDesign which was added as an additional feature of the new html5 UI client with the release 1708. It

Scope This blog is to give a small introduction of the new Fiori „Home Overview” screen which is introduced with the 1711 release of SAP Business ByDesign.  This new home overview screen is only valid