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Mark Holder

Looking across many of the current Policing vision statements both inside and outside of the UK we see a common set of themes that set out the digital agenda for Policing and Public Security. The

Recently I was fortunate enough to be invited by TechUK to an event at the House of Commons in London for the launch of their new report. Policing and the Internet of Things. This is

The definition of Interopability is – ‘the ability of computer systems or software to exchange and make use of information” Interoperability in Public Safety and Security has been at the top of the agenda for

The subject of vulnerable people is a burning issue at the top of the agenda across the Public-Sector departments and organisations that exist to safeguard individuals and families in our society;  but is it a

Never before has the strategy and policy of the European Union and its borders been under so much pressure as in 2015. The events of the last few months and the threat that continues to

Never before has the challenge of a society that sees itself borderless been so concerned about borders  – We consume, we sell, we collaborate, we work, we play and of course PROTECT. It’s never been