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Yes, after many many years with SAP I am trying something new. Not the circus, although I am convinced that playful elements of the circus would do wonders for engagement, creativity and innovation within all

Happy New Year! It is still January, so I guess it is still OK to wish you all a great one, with lots of laughter, love and a more simple business 😉 Of the many

Public SAP Mentor Webinar: Cloud Foundry and SAP this Tuesday November 4th 9am PST SAP Connect Session: https://sap.na.pgiconnect.com/sapmm +1-866-312-7353 Participant Passcode: 170 133 7730 [more dial in numbers] The Cloud Foundry Foundation’s mission is to

We the Geeks Can Dance band had a blast last week in Las Vegas. There is nothing that gives me greater joy than seeing people singing, dancing and clearly having a good time from the

Update: Karin  Tillotson clearly won the first round and she got her Chardonnay. Congratulations.  Today 10/20/2014 new rule. SAP Mentors as well as Alumni are not eligible to get any points. New game, everyone starts

Update: This Wednesday get to know them by joining the two public SAP Mentor Webinar 9am and 9pm PST Wednesday 29th of October. Link to SAP Connect Session: https://sap.na.pgiconnect.com/sapmm +1-866-312-7353 Participant Passcode: 170 133 7730

This was a packed session. Thank you Gretchen Lindquist for giving us the insight into ASUG pre-conference/real world example sessions throughout the conference. Craig Cmehil for sharing all the amazing new stuff that is happening

Super happy that 5K Fun Run/Walk at SAP TechEd && d-code Las Vegas is happening again this year. Here is the little story how it came to be. One day about 2 years ago around

Almost hidden in the announcement of the New SAP Mentors Spring 2014 blog post there was already a link to nominate a new SAP Mentor. 35 suggestions on who should be a one have been

Wow, it is almost June already, Sapphire and ASUG Annual Conference only two weeks away, high time to welcome the new SAP Mentors! SAP Mentors are the top community influencers of the SAP Ecosystem. Most