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The German consulting company IDS Scheer won 2nd place in the finals of the recent SAP HANA Partner Race, a contest showcasing applications based on SAP’s in-memory technology HANA. What was especially compelling with the

What do you get when you mix mobile, cloud, big data, a grain of Design Thinking and Gamification together, and let 60 developers from SAP Labs Shanghai  cook on that over an intense weekend? Ten

Fun is just another word for learning – Raph Koster (Game theorist) When I see my five-year old son’s curiosity as he examines new objects and uses them in new ways, I’m always amazed by

The following example proves that there is a lasting damage to the psyche of  my SAP colleagues, when their headquarter is located only a few miles  away from one of Formula One’s most famous race

It’s astonishing how your past can haunt you and drag you back into the realm of what you thought you have left long time ago. 14 years ago I had finished my Ph.D. in chemical

If you have ever stopped by at the SAP Labs Campus in Palo Alto on Hillview Avenue, you are familiar with the sight of horses neighing and riding along the grassy hills just right outside

The game is on! The SAP Gamification Cup at SAP Labs in Palo Alto started yesterday. CTO Vishal Sikka and SAP Labs Palo Alto managing director Barbara Holzapfel invited 2,000 employees on the campus for

The beloved characters from the Dilbert-comicstrips day after day nail the stark difference of what corporations want you to believe the corporate life is, and of what the corporate life really is like. Wally keeps

In 2011 I launched the “Innovation Steampunks”. Why you haven’t heard about it? Because it’s currently an SAP-internal, virtual group where SAP employees can join innovative ideas. These ideas – we call them “punk-projects” –

Gamification or How to win 1 billion Users until 2015 Gamification is a trend that is finally reaching the enterprise. Understanding game mechanics and dynamics and how they engage and empower users and give them