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Maria Cecilia Calzada de Neumann

Dear Professors member and prospects of SAP University Alliances Iberoamerica, We are glad to let you know that we are organizing bi-monthly virtual sessions, as follows: Start: April 4, 2016 Frequency: Each 1st and 3rd

Estimados Profesores, Para ver fotos del evento, ir al link: bit.ly/1SBYkbq  (SAP Jam LAC) Saludos, María Estimados Profesores y miembros de SAP University Alliances, Bienvenidos al evento que tendrá lugar como sigue: Fecha: Miércoles 6

Dear all, Under this link http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/uac/index?rid=/library/uuid/70f1eab5-1e3d-3310-7f91-a1341489b467 you will find the agenda from the SAP Academic Conference EMEA event, from Thursday and Friday, with links inserted into each presentation slot, shown as “Slides here“. Thank you,

Prezados Professores, Prezados miembros de SAP University Alliances, Nós vamos fazer um treinamento (5 dias) do Jogo de Simulação ERPSim no ano 2015 no Brasil, no São Paulo. Por favor, indique aqui as datas possíveis

Dear all, Here below I translate this original Spanish press release in English, here below. 😉 Congratulations to Belén Fernandez, responsible for CSR and Communications within SAP Spain for the event. We would love to

Dear participants from the ESA APP CAMP in Coimbra, Portugal, SAP University Alliances is inviting you to have a cocktail session after the event. Date: Sunday 25 January Time: 19 h Venue: ESA Business Incubation

Estimados Profesores, Estamos preparando nuestro evento SAP Faculty Day, con las últimas novedades de SAP y de SAP University Alliances, y muchos otros temas más. Fecha: viernes 27 de Febrero de 2015. Lugar Universitat Autònoma

Prezados Professores, Nós estamos preparando uma agenda, para nosso evento SAP Faculty Day, com as ultimas novedades do SAP University Alliances, e muitos outros topicos mais. A data tentativa é Janeiro 23 o 26, 2015.

As Bill put it, “The worst reason to choose a career is doing it because of the money“. Bill, having a University Degree in Business Administration, indicated that much more than having a degree in

SAP University Alliances in Latin America has sponsored a major crowdsourcing initiative at the Estado de Mexico campus of the prestigious Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. This is the first year that