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Onboarding is one of the most exciting experiences for nearly every employee. Just think about your own professional life! How nervous have you been thinking about your first day at a new company or in

SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development – Mentoring Optimize career development in your organization Nearly all of us have experienced a valuable mentoring relationship in our lives. It can come from anyone in our personal or

. One of the ‘high seasons‘ for managers to work closely with HR takes place when performance and potential assessments are due. Despite the fact that today’s processes are being set up in a more

Exciting times! Yes, we get excited and energized every time a research report from such an important analyst firm like IDC is published! This is fantastic news for SAP and our customers, and we are

There is a lively discussion going on in the HR community about the value of Performance Management programs, especially performance appraisals.  Appraisals have too often become a tool used simply for documenting employees’ past achievements