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A primary focus of SAP’s Chief Customer Office (CCO) is to help SAP’s cloud customers be successful.  In 2013, the CCO formed the Cloud Ambassador Team. The Cloud Ambassador Program mitigates risk.  Think of the

One of root causes of project problems are what I call “The Big Miss”.  “The Big Miss” is a major piece of functionality that is not in the software that nobody realized was missing until

I was working with a long time SAP Customer that wanted to review their release management strategy and see what best practices they could leverage to improve their process. For help, I turned to Jim

A sound testing strategy is one of the best ways to prevent problems in production.  A test script is the way to capture this information. The following are key points to include in your test

The NBA Statistics Site powered by SAP HANA was a huge success for the NBA and SAP.  It is a great example of taking “Big Data” and making it easily accessible with a graphical front

Part of my job in the Chief Customer Office at SAP is to play detective.  One particular case involved a situation where the Systems Integrator said 90% of the test scripts passed but after a

I was lucky to participate in a meeting with Douglas Shuptar and Patrick Bresnan where they were presenting to a long time SAP customer that is spinning up several new projects.  The customer has been

After attending every SAPPHIRE in the United States since 2005, I attended my first SAPPHIRE in Europe today.  Here are the things that surprised me: SAPPHIRE Now Madrid is Huge Covering 10 different halls and

As part of SAP’s Month of Service, I had the privilege of teaching Junior Achievement’s Our Community program to fifteen second graders at Crystal Lake Elementary School in Lake Mary, FL. Here are five things

My colleague xMoshe Naveh (Old Acct), asked me to join his “Blog it Forward” challenge.  I think it is a great way to learn the blogging process on SCN. I am currently doing a six