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Marcus Zahn

After kicking off the topic for SAP Transportation Management, but having the re-use for EWM in mind, we see the component growing into this process. So I do not call it TM Package Builder any

Today a very specific package builder topic about additional package and separation material. Intended for a pallet scenario, I did not think deeper about usages for closed packages. By default, the PB tries to create

After getting the question ‘Can the Package Builder create a package hierarchy?’ now several times with increasing urgency, I want to clarify the status quo of the currently available package builder functionality for this. First

Today I would like to steer attention to a new option when planning in the Transportation Cockpit. When doing this manually, typically the user picks a few objects like Freight Units from a list or

I had already explained our road map for the geo-map usage in SAP Transportation Management with MKS68. Today I want to focus on the map based planning in a local distribution scenario using SAP TM

Today I would like to point to a new feature that we long waited for and boosts the planning process in the Transportation Cockpit: For the first time in the SAP Transportation Management history we

As a follow-up to TM 9.4 Geo-Map Configuration MKS68, today I would like to show how in TM 9.4 the display of spot like objects on the geo-map can be adjusted. Spot like objects are basically

Since SAP Transportation Management 8.0 the application is delivered using SAP Visual Business as it’s geo-map component (see MKS06). Long history, a lot of compromisses, but now picking up speed rapidly. With TM 9.4 the use

SAP Transportation Management can be used for different businesses in a large variety of scenarios, may it be land, air, ocean, or intermodal, to document and plan transports. From the very beginning it was clear

Today I would like to give an insight into an innovation topic driven by the SAP Transportation Management load planning feature (Overview MKS37). Starting with TM 9.1, SAP TM comes with the capability to plan