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Many people recently have been asking me, Marco where did you end up. I ended up doing something totally exciting that will be a game changer again for SAP like SDN was a few years

In my first part I referred back to whether companies have the possible need of an innovation officer.  Innovation series part 1 – Is the chief innovation officer necessary?  In this second part of this series

It has been 4 months since I last blogged and I know it has been way over due. I apologize to many of my faitfull readers; It was just that busy that finding time to thoughtfully

This summer has been truly intense and extraordinary for me. That is why you have not seen many blogs from me. It felt like I just barely had time to breathe. I have been working together

Normally I make it a policy to not broadcast a lot. But this is different. Similar to the right to vote, I think the right to voice your opinion is as much a liberty. If you want

I am on my way to SAP Insider this Sunday. And I must admit that I am excited, becuase I feel that without these physical meetups our community can not thrive. I am of the

Last night I could not sleep; one of those evenings where all the work keeps spiralling in my head. And as I was thinking about all the work ahead of us I got a message

It took me a while to be blogging again this year. I apologize for those people who read my blogs ( if I have any followers 🙂 ) In January I heard I would get additional new responsibilities;

In the first two blogs I discussed the progress we made and tried to highlight some of my favorite 2008 moments. blog 1 : BPX Community year in review : part  2 – My & some

Although I continue to focus in December primarily on the future planning of the BPX community ( like a nice blog is the web2.0 direction predictions by Allyson Kapin : http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/allyson-kapin/radical-tech/10-experts-predict-how-web-20-will-evolve-2009  ) I also try