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We are delighted to announce the release of SAP Predictive Analytics 3.3. This new release is available for download on SAP Software Center.   Python API for Automated Analytics Automated Analytics provides a set of machine

Here are three demos of the Data Manager component of SAP Predictive Analytics: Preparing Columns See how feature engineering can improve the accuracy of your predictive model. https://youtu.be/LAN0ukMRfj0   Preparing Rows Learn how to aggregate

Time Series Modeling Process The goal of time series modeling is to find the internal structure within a sequence of data points in time order. When that structure is known, the temporal measurement can be

When applying a classification model, the user of the Automated Analytics module can choose the prediction information he needs. To begin, the user goes to the section, Generation Options: The user may select the option

If you are using an SAP HANA test or demo server you may be in a situation where business tables are placed inside the system schema of the system user. By default, Automated Analytics does not

SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics 3.1 enables you to generate the scoring formula of a predictive model as a user-defined function (UDF) in SAP HANA. In this blog, we will look closer at this new feature

SAP HANA Smart Data Access (SDA) allows the SAP HANA Studio user to define a virtual table pointing to a table located in a remote data system like Hadoop, Sybase IQ, Teradata, to name a

With version 3.0 of SAP Predictive Analytics, the scoring equation of a classification, regression or clustering model can be generated in an SQL-like language called Continuous Computation Language (CCL). CCL is the language for SAP

A new video is available on SAP HANA Academy showing APL Recommendation functions The APL play list: http://bit.ly/hanaapl Marc

We have seen in the first part how to create a recommendation model using an SAP HANA information view and asking the user to choose a country. However, more work needs to be done since