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Manjunath Gudisi

Welcome to Part3 – App Configuration on SAP Cloud Platform “mobile service for Development and Operations” portal. We will now look at the following. Login into the “Mobile Service for Development and Operations” Admin portal Sample oData

Welcome to Part4 – HCPSDKforiOSAssistant. HCPSDKforiOSAssistant is an application Mac machine, which will be used to create the Xcode project along with proxy classes. What is proxy class: Proxy class is a swift class and its blueprint

Welcome to Part5 – Run the iOS app on simulator. In this blog, we will see how to run the app on iOS simulator from Xcode. You can also run the app on iOS device

Welcome back! Thanks for completing the Part2 – SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS – download, setup and installation. We will now do the setup or installation of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. Download the SDK

Greetings! Welcome to Part1 – End to end iOS native mobile app development using SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. In this section, we will talk about the pre-requisites of mobile app development. In a nutshell, following