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Manikandan Elumalai

It has been long time since I wrote blog in SCN due to professional commitments. But I tempted to write a blog after exploring the new features of BI 4.2 SP3. Thanks to https://scn.sap.com/people/thomas.jentsch  for

Just got a chance  to look at BI 4.2 post GA. Every new feature added in this release looks promising and it will definitely going to add advantage to Platform support teams also it will

I am just sharing my experience while doing impact analysis for one of my BI 4.1 assessment in a BusinessObjects environment that is running exclusively for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and SAP Lumira applications. Here

As we already know the Audit universe and reports needs to be deployed manually in BI platform as it is no longer out of box functionality in BI 4.x. For BI 4.0 Auditor configuration, I

In our previous blogs we have analyzed various components required for Designing security model such as List of available rights, possible user categories and finally the Security models. Before taking deep dive in to each

Continuing with my earlier blog BusinessObjects Administration – Setting up security model – An easy way to configure and manage. In this blog we are going to see the different security model designs which I

Hi Everybody, I am just writing this blog as part of DataGeek III: How to Join and my analysis is on data from Indian parliament elections held during May 2014. This belongs to House Of

Designing security model is one among the important phase in BusinessObjects implementation/migration projects. Well-organized security model not only provides easier Administration but also ensures security is seamlessly implemented across different functional/application user groups with less

As we all already aware, In BI 4.x the capabilities provided by as-is sample of Audit reporting suite is limited and we can see there are so many requirements flowing in SCN around this for