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Malin Liden

At every large SAP conference there´s so much to see and do that a person would need years to consume it all. Since that is not possible, I love spending the end of each conference

When I was first introduced to the SAP Community about three years ago someone said that there is something sticky about this place, once you´re in it you never want to leave. What sounded a

Today I was asked to describe what I bring to the SAP team I am part of with one word. I chose optimism because I believe that attitude changes everything. Optimism is a requirement for

In a social and digital economy it takes a crowd to win! SAP has one of the most active business communities in the world, with over 24M unique visitors online and a network of top

Dear SAP community, On March 1st I shared that Gali Kling Schneider is taking over as the interim lead of my Community Experience team, following Jeanne Carbonis transfer to another team within SAP. It is

Sometimes it is hard to see the things that matter most to us, explaining why they are so special is even harder. Communities are a great example. They provide so much tangible and intangible value

Dear SAP Community, Nothing is constant but change and today I´d like to share that Jeanne Carboni is leaving the Community Experience team on April 1 to pursue another opportunity in the SAP family. Jeanne