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Autism – a disorder of neural development affecting 1 in 88 children and characterized by impaired social interaction and verbal and non-verbal communication – and SAP – a market leader in enterprise application software which

It is customary in all forms of communications to do a year-end review and predict what is coming up in the New Year. Normally you get someone’s top 10 predictions, but that stale model was

It’s no secret that social communities have become essential to the ways we communicate, make purchases and consume content. They connote shared experience – the hallmark of the new Era of Collaboration and Pull Marketing.

While Right Time Experiences (RTEs) is an unfamiliar term to many, we all experience RTEs on a regular basis. Amazon.com is the classic example of an e-commerce site delivering relevant recommendations in the context of

So you’ve created the next hot product or service that everyone will love but you have no money to take it to market. How do you find the right venture capitalist (VC) to help build

This topic aired on SAP Radio’s Coffee Break with Game Changers August 25, 2012. This date is not significant for any particular reason except to underscore that we are now in the 21st century.  Marketing

Death of a Salesman/SFA On August 15, 2012 SAP Radio featured three sales experts who all agreed that sales force automation (SFA) is dead. The problem with SFA is it is set up to drive

When we look at the business benefits of technology we typically measure success in savings of time and dollars. But, what we often overlook is how innovations in Machine to Machine technology (M2M) are enhancing

“The winners in retail today are retailers who understand that the customer calls the shots,” stated Christine B. Whittemore live on SAP Radio July 25, 2012. And she is dead-on with my experience. What she’s

When we hear strong opinions about our government around the water cooler, at social events or in the media it usually pertains to inefficiencies and waste of our tax dollars. I think what most people