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When creating a new appointment, the UI fields Account and Contact are marked as mandatory fields. After entering the Account, the partner determination runs. If there is only one contact person determined, field Contact is

After appying below support packages, or SAP Note 1884286 into the CRM system, you will see the condition with rate “0” being activated in a CRM transaction. Before that, the condition is marked as inactive

Since SAP CRM 6.0, a billing transaction type is alwasy displayed in the follow up transacton type slection list for an sales document. It is a functionality change, that is intended for the convenience of

For some enhanced search fields, the wildcard search does not work. There is error “Expression &’ with wildcard ‘*’ is invalid here: Check search criterion” issued. In WEBUI, the search with wildcard is only allowed

I have got several questions about partner address handling. For exaple: Why the address is not displayed for a partner in parties involved assignment? Why the BP’s Name2 (not Name1) is displayed in WEBUI for

I meet an interesting issue recently. There is the request to change system status to I1005 in some special logic. FM CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN is used to change the system status. But it does not work. After

In CRM Billing scenario, incomplete billing due list items will be generated if there are errors occured during billing due list items processing. You can use T-Code /N/BEA/CRMB04 to display the incomplete billing due list