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Emergency Access Management (EAM) is basically designed to support ABAP based applications. Hence, there are lot of limitations and issues if it is used for Webdynpro and Web based applications. Please go through below SAP

Scenario Details GRC 10.0 and 10.1 provided extremely flexible and powerful tool to configure MSMP workflows. In this document we will see how to create BRF+ Initiator rule for the following scenario: GRC request should

Introduction Multiple Rule set functionality in GRC can be used to determine the rule set to be considered while running risk analysis for the access request. “Request Header” and “Request Line Item” fields can be

Introduction Request Mitigation Policy is basically a set of rules which can be used to control the GRC request approval behaviour when there are risk violations in the request based on “Risk Type”, “Risk Level”

Introduction   Risk Terminator provides a framework where Risk analysis can be triggered during User and Role maintenance activities using SU01, SU10 and PFCG directly in the plug-in system.   Key Concept The Risk Terminator

Purpose The purpose of this blog post is to explain the about the different Access Request tables and how these tables can be utilized in order to prepare reports as per your requirements:   1.

Purpose   The core functionality in SAP GRC is Risk and Impact Analysis which will help the organizations to achieve their motto “GET CLEAN and STAY CLEAN”. During one of the implementations I am working

Purpose In MSMP, Access Controls 10.0 and 10.1 provides extremely flexible and powerful tool to configure workflows. In this document we will see how to create BRF+ (NOT line item by line item) MSMP agent

Business Scenario   In one of the GRC projects I have worked for, the client’s requirement is to send the User Access Review Workflow to User for review at First Stage and then to Manager

Overview In GRC Access control as part of Workflow approvals and reviews Managers, Role Owners, FF ID Owners and Controllers, Function/Risk/Mitigation Approvers, Monitors, Users, Requestors etc. receive various Email notifications. Based on the client’s requirements