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Maciej Jarecki

The purpose of this article is to describe what are the differences between resource planning in SAP manufacturing and SAP IS-Retail. These two types of systems have completely different purposed from business point of view.

Replenishment In IS-Retail new type of MRP/RP procedure has been introduced W – Replenishment (IS Retail) . At the beginning it’s worth to mention that it can be used only for stores and Customers and

Introduction Recently I have seen few interesting articles about strategies how companies set prices of sales. I have to admit that after the lecture I was a bit surprise how complex it is. In case

Overview Recently I started to wonder how to get message content and audit logs for message after processing in Adater Engine. If Message comes to PI, usually is processed in Abap stuck and there everything

This blog has aim to show how messages can be exchanges between Abap and Java stack in both direction. Typical example of usage is when we need to connect from Java stack to Abap stack

Acknowledgment request generated by adapters of Adapter Engine not possible – not any more! Recently I started to wonder what is so special inside Adapter Engine or XI/PI message that adapters residing on Adapter Engine

Recently i was requested to create simply idoc monitor on PI. Overall purpose of this solution should be like that. Some external system sends message to PI using adapter that support synchronic call. Data send

The main purpose of this weblog is to show how to co figurate massage control to send customer created idoc to external system. This example bases on purchase order case.   Business scenario   Usually