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Description On every project where sales is done through multiple sales channels there is always same problem – stock allocation. How to protect stock for example per distribution channel or even per Customer within distribution

The main purpose of aggregation is to increase of performance and reduce time of processing and volume of data generated and sent to target system. Additionally data sent to target system is already conformed at

If your SAP system is configured as IS-Retail and you see such a message in purchase order that is one of the reasons you must configure assortments. Theory An assortment determines if a store, a

Today I would like to focus on two options for merchandise distribution Recipient-Driven Flow-Through and Merchandise-Driven Flow-Through. General approach to merchandise distribution with emphasis on Cross-Docking was described in another post which you can find

In this article I would like to focus on the topic of merchandise distribution in IS-Retail. Due to the topic is so huge that at least few books could be written about it, so let

The purpose of this article is to describe what are the differences between resource planning in SAP manufacturing and SAP IS-Retail. These two types of systems have completely different purposed from business point of view.

Replenishment In IS-Retail new type of MRP/RP procedure has been introduced W – Replenishment (IS Retail) . At the beginning it’s worth to mention that it can be used only for stores and Customers and

Introduction Recently I have seen few interesting articles about strategies how companies set prices of sales. I have to admit that after the lecture I was a bit surprise how complex it is. In case

Overview Recently I started to wonder how to get message content and audit logs for message after processing in Adater Engine. If Message comes to PI, usually is processed in Abap stuck and there everything

This blog has aim to show how messages can be exchanges between Abap and Java stack in both direction. Typical example of usage is when we need to connect from Java stack to Abap stack