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This week I gave the wrong advice to a client and told them they had some additional steps to do as part of support packs for security activities. Fortunately, the only harm was a few

As a consultant I have found myself collecting tips and tricks and throwing them into my kit bag over the years. But a recent piece I thought I’d share made me realise that sometimes there

Last year I made a massive mistake.   I took Richard Branson’s mantra to the extreme: ‘If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then

So, it turns out that even when you fail; learn a lesson; redefine success; tell everyone about that lesson; you can (amazingly) become successful with the original goal. Try putting that as an inspirational meme!

(Or How we tried to bring a Goat to TechEd and failed)   In adjusting to the latest chapter in my life of insomnia being replaced by sleep-deprived sprints of feeding a newborn I started

Recently I participated in an interview for “When babies die: Returning to work following stillbirth and neonatal death” by researcher Jane Le at University of Sydney. The synopsis of the study is below:   Project

Most of the regular users (I assume) will be looking for a quick reference guide as to what’s different between SCN and the new SCN (aka 1DX). In a similar approach to understanding Tags, I’ve

This the first blog in a series to call out and also pay homage to the other skills out there. Within this space, members come here to ask for advice as to what SAP careers

I’ve found myself hitting a bit of a point in my career where I am seriously consideration shifting out of my core skill or at least diversifying. When User Experience (UX) became the latest buzz

Hi All The introduction of classifying via Tags as we all know is a major game changer for the community. Numerous conversations have cropped up with the key pieces as to how this is going