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Łukasz Pęgiel

It’s new week, I’m back home after my 4th SAP TechEd in Barcelona. There were already many tweets and some blogs about this very nice event, described from the technical and knowledge perspective, that’s why

Thanks to Hager Group, Christian and Damir I was able to organize the first ACR in Poland, which was a test for me, to see if I can handle to do it. The idea to

On 28th October 2017 one of the next ABAP Code Retreats will be placed in Tychy, Poland. This free event can bring your programming level to the next level and it may help you to

To be honest I do not come to SCN that offen as in the past. Some changes at work + changes made to SCN made me to be present more on twitter and follow all

I was lately trying to find an HTML WYSIWYG editor for ABAP, but I failed. I though or this was not needed so far, or the solution was not posted anywhere. So I’ve tried several

Finally I’ve finished to work under FALV. You can find FALV classes in attachment and description under the links. But firstly let’s go through few following points: Why I’ve created FALV although SALV classes are

I was always wondering why we cannot create GUI STATUS directly from the code as it can be done in other programming languages ( VB or C# ). I was trying to find any solution

From time to time you have to work on files that are stored in user PC, like when you’re working with SOI (SAP Office Integration) for example. All operations that are done are save directly