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Introductory technical details of SAP HANA as a Service The previous blog post, (Yet another) Intro to HANA as a Service, covered the very basic responses to what is HANA as a Service? from the perspective

Hi! I’m Lucía Subatin. You may remember me from tutorials, blog posts and videos about HANA Express and HANA native development in general. Source: Lynch, J. (Director) & Oakley, B. (Writer). (November 5, 1992) Marge

SAP TechEd 2018 is just around the corner! I’ve been getting everything ready for my session on SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA Service and wanted to share a sneak peek of it. If you are

You are floating quietly on a lake of relational transactions… You can run SQL for your CRUD operations.. And your boat is a schema swiftly carrying you home… this feels good and safe… you can

Use the IP address to access the applications Nothing like having administration rights over your computers and servers, especially when you are using HANA Express with XS Advanced (the “server + applications” image) and need

About two months ago, I visited the Google office in San Francisco to collaborate on the new Google Cloud + SAP CodeJam materials. A lot of great content happened in the meantime and, while collaborating,

This blog post is for those of you who could not attend our initial editions of the Google Cloud + SAP CodeJam. I’ll begin by summarizing what we’ve been doing so far in Atlanta, Hannover,

For those of you who do not know, there is way to get an SAP expert to show up at your city, feed you coffee and treats and share their knowledge with you and other