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This blog post is for those of you who could not attend our initial editions of the Google Cloud + SAP CodeJam. I’ll begin by summarizing what we’ve been doing so far in Atlanta, Hannover,

For those of you who do not know, there is way to get an SAP expert to show up at your city, feed you coffee and treats and share their knowledge with you and other

One of the housekeeping tasks I generally perform in the instances I use to develop actual applications is to upgrade the Web IDE. Not only because some minor bugs are swept away, but also because

For the second year in a row, I got the immense honor of participating as a speaker in Argentina’s Women in Data Science event. These events are held globally and are meant to inspire people

After repeatedly seeing questions around failed connections to HANA Express, I’m compiling the basic troubleshooting steps I take when, for example, HANA Studio does not connect to my HXE instance. The most typical error is:

Remember how in the first post of these series, we called Web IDE but we were redirected to the UAA screen asking for our user name and password? We will understand what happened there after

In my previous blog post, I showed how to setup a Kubernetes cluster with three HXE containers running in single pods. As I continue to explore different possibilities with my new favorite toy, I thought

Deploying SAP HANA, express edition on Google Kubernetes Engine Cutting to the chase, here is the step-by-step, beginner level tutorial: https://www.sap.com/developer/tutorials/hxe-kubernetes-google-cluster.html  It takes 15 minutes to deploy three nodes, including some manual steps that will hopefully

This previous post explained how to install the EPMMDS plugin to consume information views from tools like Lumira, Analysis for Office or anything that uses the Information Access (InA) service to et live data from