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Note:  1161697 (To be released shortly.)    When creating an A/P Invoice based on a Goods Receipt PO and there is a price difference between the documents, the G/L Accounts used when posting this difference

Solution (Note 887917):   These are workarounds for versions 2004A, 2005A and 2005A SP01:   Workaround 1: Manual Journal Entry 1. Call up a journal entry (Financials => Journal Entry). 2. Untick the box ‘Autom. VAT’.

Solution (Note 1110814):   For payment consolidation, the tax status of father and sons must be the same. The error message highlights a discrepancy. To avoid receiving the error message, ascertain that the tax status

A company has set up recurring postings to be proposed for execution on particular days of the month. The company does not trade on the weekend. A recurring posting is scheduled for execution for example

Business Partners Master Data => Business Partner Master Data => Tab ‘General’ => Field ‘Unified VAT Number’   This field may be pulled into subsidiary marketing documents using customization in the PLD.     EOP_January08,

The square brackets, [], around the column name are not mandatory for the current version 2005 A SP01 EH01/02 or 2007A PL15. However they are mandatory around the User Defined Table (UDT) name.    

The FIFO method uses layer architecture. If an item does not have an open layer in a certain warehouse, then the item cost is zero. Hence, FIFO items returned to a warehouse where it didn’t

1.  Why do none of the defined approvals work? Approvals are created and maintained in the ‘Approval Templates’. The Approval Templates are defined in Administration => Approval Procedures => Approval Templates. The approval functionality needs

Unfortunately, it is not possible in SAP Business One to define that profit centres (PC) are mandatory for certain accounts.  As a workaround, a query can be used to determine whether PCs are present in

Ascertain that the following initial settings are applied:   Under Administration => System Initialisation => Document Settings => Per Document tab page => Block Multi-Currency Journal Entry check box is unchecked. Under Form Settings of