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Updated 13 November 2018: added advice to use OpenJDK 8 and added link to CI best practices. Updated 11 January 2019: reflect current status with respect to cloud build and HAT local add-on. Four years

Today we have released another increment of Hybrid Application Toolkit (version 1.31) that offers a couple of updates worth mentioning in a blog post: Capability to create Custom Fiori Client apps Added UI5 version 1.54.6

Updated 4 January 2019: Added a section providing hints for troubleshooting. Important note: although hybrid apps are a valid way to implement offline apps, we strongly recommend using more modern mobile technologies instead. Please consider using

Update (19 November 2018): the blog post announcing the actual End-of-maintenance for HAT local add-on is here. My name is Ludo Noens and I am the Product Owner for Hybrid Application Toolkit. I have been

Hybrid Application Toolkit 1703 On 30 March we have released a new version of Hybrid Application Toolkit (HAT), as part of the Fiori Mobile Developer Experience. If you want to know more about how HAT