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Lisa Kouch

SAP Ariba Global Services is going through a transformation to reduce customer touch points, accelerate time to value, and improve the overall customer experience. As part of this transformation, we have released an updated version of the

A new release of the SAP Activate: SAP Activate Methodology for SAP Ariba Implementation Roadmap is now available in SAP Roadmap Viewer. This version includes the following: Updates to the existing Project Management accelerators. Addition of the Contract Management

The SAP Activate: SAP Activate Methodology for SAP Ariba – Project Management Workstream is live and was released Tuesday, November 28th. We are excited to bring this new solution specific implementation roadmap to the SAP

SAP Activate provides project teams and customers with a step-by-step approach and clear guidance to implement a variety of general and specific solutions. We provide the most up-to-date implementation roadmaps to our customer and partners

We are pleased to announce that ASAP 7.2 methodology content is available for multiple browsers and  mobile devices including Apple iPad, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari.   The HTML Extract was built using below technologies to