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What are Change Documents? Change Documents are logs for changes made on HR Infotypes (creations, modifications and deletion of Infotypes records).  We are able to define, by customization, which Infotypes will be documented. Where Change

Most of you are quite familiar with Dynamic Actions, so I only refer to some information which may not be known to some of you: On the Function Character field (T588Z-OPERA) you may use action

Hi, Many SAP HCM users are not familiar with the following method of searching for employees. When you use transaction PA20 or PA30, you can access an employee directly without the need to search him/her

A very common request raised by organization’s Human Resources department is presenting the organizational structure in a graphical formation. Unfortunately, the standard tools offered by SAP for organizational visualization are very simple and extremely inadequate

An integral part of SAP ERP HCM Consultants duties is to guide and direct the Human Resources Management within our organization and equip them with the right principles and techniques of setting up efficient and

Hello, My blog deals with the dilemma many organizations face, when wish to implement an SAP Portal for time data entries, time data approvals and control for employees within the ESS, for managers within the