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Hi, I decided to write this blog after I realized that it’s not so easy to check which queries use given aggregate. There was a need to optimize the aggregates which were created on different

Space Shuttle Missions in years 2020 – 2030 Analytics with SAP Lumira This blog was created as a part of Data Geek Challenge III in the category “House of Blacksmiths – Technology”. Let’s imagine !

Hello everyone ! First of all, let me thank Dëv Päträ for inviting me to BIF. Intro: My name is Lesław Piwowarski. I prefer to be called Leszek what is more popular in Poland. „sz”


How to transfer data from BEx Workbook to other system using XML data format. Before the system described here was created a raport (BEx Workbook) was used to print paperversion of tax reports. The goal

A large variety of custom VB functions can be created and used in BEx analyzer. That method may be useful especially when somebody don’t know ABAP.   As an example creating VB functions converting 0fiscper value

VB coding in BEx Analyzer. In some situations MS Visual Basic coding may be used to transform data displayed in BEx Analyzer. Let’s suppose we have to create a report that presents service costs with

Hi, This document tells how to turn off starting process chain and turn it on again after some time. Lets suppose the process chain is set to start everyday at 00:01 am and its ready