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I was supposed to land in Philadelphia in the early evening on Sunday, August 5, 2012 in time for my first day in the “real world” on August 6.  I had moved into my new

“You don’t learn anything when you’re winning all the time,” Diann Roffe boomed across the room of seventy-five men and women last Monday.  I smiled to myself; this is exactly why I had asked Diann

The following was excerpted from my guest blog posts on “Engineering in Style”, a blog driven by two female friends who are engineers and striving, with their blog, to change the perception of females in

I’ve often been told that I like to make life extremely hard for myself.  I opted to swim the longest distances over my swimming career; I chose to go to a university that grade-deflates; I

Since I wrote this blog for everyone to read, I figured it was only fair I follow-up my first post with my grandfather’s reaction.  Below are the reasons he listed for why he still believes

My grandfather thinks I work for the CIA. No, he isn’t senile. He isn’t obsessed with conspiracy theories, nor is he mentally disturbed. In fact, my relatives – including my parents – suspect he may