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The first trip I took in my new Honda CRV was down I-81 through the Virginia Blue Ridge. It was a beautiful drive, until I noticed an orange alert icon on my dashboard. I had

The recent Best Practices for Chemicals event in Houston included an industry roundtable discussion hosted by IDC’s John Santagate on the topic of digital transformation of the chemicals supply chain. The session started with a

Ever wish you didn’t have to touch customer orders – that they would just fulfill themselves? Since many chemical companies ship the same products to the same customers via the same mode of transportation many

Farmers are innovators. They grow up learning how to fix broken equipment and build things they need. John Froelich and Charles Walter Hart are good examples. They grew up in Iowa farm communities in the

I borrow this headline from Lancaster Farming, the biggest mid-Atlantic agricultural newspaper. What’s on our doorstep here in Pennsylvania is the bird flu that has killed more than 47 million US chickens since March. So

“We ran out of food” is the line explaining why NASA scientists are trying to resettle humanity on another planet in the recent sci-fi movie Interstellar. In the grim future represented in the movie, a

After a largely dry May, it’s raining in southeastern Pennsylvania, just in time to give everyone’s newly planted fields a boost. The new hay fields my husband planted over a month ago have grown 3-4

Unless you are a Southeastern Pennsylvania beekeeper, you probably don’t know that  honey bees in this part of the country make most of their honey right now, when the locust and tulip poplar trees are

If you have a sheep farm in the mid-Atlantic, you plan your year around two dates:  the Monday before Easter and the Monday before Orthodox Easter. Every Monday is Sheep and Goat auction day at

My first experience of precision farming was almost 22 years ago this spring. I’m talking vegetables here — not corn, wheat, or soy beans – but the lesson I learned in my vegetable garden is