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When you think about it, recruiting is a bit like marketing. Both are looking to fill and nurture a pipeline – whether of leads or talent.  In recent years, the marketing community has moved away

The use of social media in the workplace is still polarising organisations. A sizeable proportion of IT leaders, HR policymakers and line managers still perceive SoMe (for short) as frivolous, distracting and a drain on

Newsflash: organisations with high levels of employee engagement do better than those that don’t. They typically exhibit higher performance, lower employee churn and greater customer advocacy.  You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to appreciate

Never mind biker boots or top-to-toe tartan: Talent Analytics is the hottest trend around in the field of HR today. What’s so head-turning is that talent management used to be a soft space – we

I originally went into HR because of an interest in human psychology.  I’m fascinated by what makes people tick and how to get the best out of them. I suppose there are certain stereotypes in

It’s always sobering to discover that a colleague sees something quite differently from you. Especially when the something is your role in the company. So I was hit hard by the latest 20 Minute Master

There are never enough hours in the day, so I’m all for anything that frees me up to concentrate on the strategic stuff. But I was quite taken aback by the theme of SuccessFactors’ latest

I can just about accept that I didn’t get where I am today on looks and charm.  But the other day, I found out that when it comes to realising one’s potential, intelligence and talent

Managing talent is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge: an endless task that sometimes leaves you out in the cold.  As online recruiting and professional networking make talent more visible and poachable, it’s an

Until a few years ago, the word “talent” was used to describe a special natural ability or aptitude – typically applied to creative pursuits like painting, singing or acting.  Nowadays the word has been co-opted