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Larry Alton

Most companies with a staff of salespeople now rely on customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to keep track of customer information, including names, contact information, and notes about the account. But there’s a potential problem

Some employees will always be eager to learn new things, fueled by ambition and a natural desire to improve themselves. For many employees, however, training and learning new responsibilities is a chore. Disengaged employees cost

A great SME website is your gateway to success, or it can be a recipe for disaster – and the difference can come down to a few simple design choices. Where do you begin? Articles

When you think of cybersecurity breaches, who do you think of as the victims? The majority of hacks and data breaches target businesses – 43 percent of which target small business—mostly because they’re valuable, visible

Predictive analytics relies on large quantities of data to make intelligent predictions about consumer behaviors. Naturally, businesses that have access to those data are more likely to be successful in using predictive analytics than businesses

Today, businesses have access to software programs that track employee performance and behavior, from calculating the average employee’s number of sick days taken in a given year to monitoring where they walk throughout the building

Many companies use social media to cull customer feedback today, but is your approach working effectively? Did you get more “likes” on your question than actual answers? If so, you’re not alone. We may not

Predictive analytics is bringing forth a new age in marketing, where marketers can effectively model and learn from customer behaviors (not to mention better qualifying leads). But as predictive analytics algorithms continue improving, is it

Artificial intelligence (AI) represents the future for many industries. Hypothetically capable of exceeding human intelligence and solving problems without the need to tie up massive quantities of man-hours, the cybersecurity industry has taken an interest

The Internet of Things (IoT) era is, in some ways, already here. Our devices aren’t efficiently tied together into a central operating system, and user adoption figures aren’t high, but the industry is projected to