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You know your business’s software choices affect your budget, your productivity, and sometimes even the range of what you can accomplish, but you may not know it can also affect your employees’ levels of stress.

Annually, billions of dollars are poured into innovation in the healthcare sector. And while many of the ideas and concepts never amount to much, there are more than a few transformational ideas that make it

In order to understand your customers, you have to think like a customer. When you put yourself in their shoes, you’ll realize just how much noise they’re exposed to on a daily basis. And in

Employee scheduling software is a highly cost-efficient way to keep track of your employees’ availabilities, shift work, total hours, and your company’s budget, all in one platform. But with so many employee scheduling software platforms

Banks face a number of unique challenges in 2017. The financial crisis of 2008 all but ruined customers’ trust in banks, and that trust hasn’t exactly increased over the past decade. In addition, customers aren’t

Scaling is something every startup founder thinks about from time to time, but very few give it as much consideration as they should when building a tech stack. This might not be problematic in the

Every business is unique in the sense that each has its own needs, requirements, and constraints. But regardless of whether you’re in manufacturing, retail, software, service-based business, or anything in between, your organization can benefit

Most companies with a staff of salespeople now rely on customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to keep track of customer information, including names, contact information, and notes about the account. But there’s a potential problem

Some employees will always be eager to learn new things, fueled by ambition and a natural desire to improve themselves. For many employees, however, training and learning new responsibilities is a chore. Disengaged employees cost

A great SME website is your gateway to success, or it can be a recipe for disaster – and the difference can come down to a few simple design choices. Where do you begin? Articles