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Update: Please note we’re not providing on this post any legal advisory topic, for that you need to be in touch with your legal department and ask them for advice . Also, a new book

In a Digital Enterprise age, competitors are very aggressive, they are fighting in a market share that is no longer loyal to a brand, the new consumers are loyal to the company who provide innovation,

Dear Santa (SAPtd Staff) : Last year I tried to be a good person and a good SAP mentor, I’ve running CodeJams, I did evangelize the community by visiting Startups Incubators and show to them

We are in the Big Data age, we want to process a large amount of data and provide with enough predictive information to take an executive decision, if possible in a tablet format. SAP Solution

Wow, long time without blogging here, but now is time to talk about a new pattern that is a game changer, something that is so common that nobody stop to see and evaluate, and something

First at all Happy New Year !! We started 2014 with a very exciting news, the SAP Solution Manager as a Managed Service is running in a project mode Worldwide and if you are interested

Albert Einstein said: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”   We have several thousand of blogs, articles and recorded speech about Big Data, but do we really understand it?

Let´s assume you are a IT Manager or CIO for an Small an Medium Enterprise (SME), your Board is asking you to optimize your System Landscape, move to the cloud any non critical system and

This story occurs long time ago, around Spring 2004 when SAP NetWeaver was newborn and Shai Agassi was the President of the PTU (Product and Technology Unit) At the same time, several changes occurs in

Becoming an SAP Customer was a smart move: you chose a leader of the software industry to help you to run your business better, but this is costing you are time, money and resources, so