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  Introduction   I have involved in conducting more than 150 interviews for SD and whenever I ask a question “How to restrict a saleable material to one particular customer”, an immediate response from the

It was a great honour to be tagged by Jyoti Prakash in Blog it Forward which was originally initiated by Moshe Naveh and really, this is quite interesting to know about each others in the

Current Scenario:- Users generating deliveries both via VL04 and VL01N which should be controlled in such a way that they should ONLY execute VL01N. Options:- In normal cases, this can be achieved with the help

Many of you would not be aware that if you execute standard TCodes like VL06G or VL23, it will not list all DAs that are saved.   In normal circumstances, you would know that all DA

Requirement Material code starts with zeros and this preceding zeros should also be taken into account while doing any transaction in R/3.  For example, if I want to create a material “001” and even if

General Behaviour As you are all aware, any condition type that is not checked for Statistical check box in pricing procedure will add to the net value and post the value in FI.  On the

While creating sale orders, each and every time, users need to input the sales area in the initial screen manually. This can be automated for that particular user so that whenever they execute VA01, the

After having much thought about export process in SAP, I would like to mention that this is a grey area from Indian customers perspective and I would  like to share with you all. As many would

This is my first blog and frankly, I am thrilled to write something about Community Day.  Though many times, this topic was discussed in various forums, I would like to share my personal experience about