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SLT will work on based on the trigger based concept SAP LT is trigger based and Real time replication method. SLT stands for SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server (SLT) running on the Net Weaver Platform.

As we know we have 3 types of data provisioning tools for HANA System 1.       SAP BODS – we can connect SAP and Non-SAP systems 2.       SAP SLT – we can connect SAP and Non-

Dynamic Currency translation changes in SAP HANA Objective:- how to change the currency using dynamic filter (while run time) Users will expect while executing the views currency will change ex- all USD values change to

Hi All, Previous Blog discussed about ADSO how to act as Standard DSO SAP BW on HANA Advanced DSO – Part 1 now will disucss ADSO how to act as INFO CUBE. Advanced DSO have

SAP BW on HANA 7.4 SP10 new changes has happened, will create Advanced DSO, composite provider and Open ODS view will create only in BW molding tools not in SAP GUI Look forward will use

Business requirement : – For VENDOR_ATTR get the vendor Emil ID But vendor Email id stores the table ADR6 but this table don’t have vendor. First give the vender id in LFA1 table now you

Creating Authorization in BW System Steps for creating authorization RSD1-To maintain info object authorization relevant. PFCG – To maintain roles RSECADMIN – To maintain analysis authorization and role assignment to user 1. Make a variable

Process Chains triggering through Macro in Excel I have got requirement recently working on the Excel based process chains. Everyday new records will be added into the excel sheets and we need to trigger all

SAP HANA Calculation View Right click on the models package and select new calculation view. Name your calculation view as CV_COUNTRY_TARGET and un check enable multi Dimensional Reporting. Now drag and drop the Analytic view

SAP HANA Analytical View Now we will create an Analytic View which combines purchase order table data with the product attribute view we created in the previous step. In your models package create a new