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I’ve been slowly and gradually pushed towards development on cloud. With gradual I also mean evolution of an ABAP developer, fascinated with new ABAP syntax and then the changed tools of development. SAP Fiori has

Very recently I was asked to test Flexible workflows available on S/41709 with SAP Fiori 4.0 front end server. The scenario was one of our very favorites “Purchase Order Release”. If one would search my

Let’s imagine we’re seated at the TechEd venue excitedly listening to the keynote when suddenly the slides being shown goes blank or the speakers at the venue stop working! How would this experience be? Who

SAP TechEd Bangalore 2017 just got over and here is some of the highlights of the event. Keynote was kicked off by  Bernd Leukert  with a thanks giving to SAP labs India team and Former Member for making

Dear openSAP, I’m a developer and a learning enthusiast. I try to utilize free learning opportunities as much as possible because learning is the only sustainable way of progress. You would be pleased to know

I’ve published the experience of TechEd 2016 at Bangalore of the first two days already. On 3rd day SCN was down for the migration activity and hence the delay in publishing the last day experience.

The second day of SAP TechEd Bangalore is over today. If I’m asked of the most used technologies in most of the demos I’ve seen so far, it would be IOT, HCP, Fiori and UI5.

SAP TechEd Bangalore has kicked off today and the day went much planned for me than earlier TechEd’s. Before jumping on the details of the day, the change this time was the registration process looked

Today was one of must attend Mentor Monday session and I was lucky to be in a supporting timezone to attend the same. Carl Dubler joined the session to share the November updates on S/4HANA.

How would one start when a development related to triggering of release strategies comes up? Checking documents available via Google, investigating SAP notes, looking into the configuration and functionality coaching would be the first steps