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Krum Bakalsky

While exploring the showcased manual integration of a response Gzipping library into your SAP HANA Cloud application here, probably most of you were already expecting to hear “Next stop: platform’s own way of handling this”.

Update With one of the latest releases, the SAP HANA Cloud platform is now providing the compressing feature by itself. You can check the updated blog post here. Overview Modern web applications usually rely on

Overview In the previous two articles (part 1, part 2) we developed from scratch a simple Rails application locally, and then ported it to run on the SAP NetWeaver Cloud platform and to make use

Overview Last time we created a simple photo management web application in Rails, using a JRuby environment, and ran it on a local server. In this blog we will show you how to port it

Overview Welcome aboard! The family of dynamic JVM languages integrated and showcased to work on top of SAP NetWeaver Cloud, is this time growing with one of its most prominent representatives: Ruby on Rails. After