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I read a great SCN status update a few weeks ago by Steve Rumsby which turned into a very lively discussion amongst community members about word pronunciations.  Pronouncing SAP (ESS-AY-PEE) as sap to a fellow

You may have heard about ANST (Automated Notes Search Tool) and PANKS (Performance Assistant Notes and KBA Search). Both ANST and PANKS make it possible to find SAP Notes and KBAs directly from your system,

My S-user ID was created for me, and I know my contact information was entered correctly when they created it. I haven’t changed companies in quite a few years, so my contact information is still

It seems more and more these days that we can subscribe to be notified about things we are interested in.  If you are into social media, you can be notified when friends, family, colleagues update

Tomato, tomatoe… Potato, potatoe…. The ASUG SAP Analytics & BusinessObjects User Conference (SABOC or #SABOUC if following on Twitter) is just around the corner. This year, the conference is being held in Fort Worth, TX,

GoToAssist is now integrated into SAP’s Remote Support Infrastructure. This means connections are encrypted and logged. Detailed information can be found at support.citrixonline.com Further information, including Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the SAP

A big thanks in advance to the CIC team members for allowing me to share the below.  We are the social media team for the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) for SAP Active Global Support. When

School’s (just about) out for summer in a lot of locations, but we haven’t stopped putting together some great educational sessions delivered by some of our finest SAP Support experts. As with my previous blogs,