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Krishna Kishor Kammaje

Problem Many a time we get requirements to disable Fiori Personalization. This mainly arises out of difficulty in supporting such users who have widely personalized their launchpad without any clue. Few examples are https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/0002465437 https://archive.sap.com/discussions/thread/3532845

Hello friends, One of my favorite ways to speed up my SAP Gateway coding is to have my own code templates for each of OData operations. I have been able to significantly increase my productivity

This blog discusses the tricks to avoid the frequent issues with PDF files in Fiori applications. Problems Whenever there is a PDF download or display involved in Fiori applications, we have always encountered the annoying

Welcome to TechEd Bangalore – 2017 I prepared this agenda keeping in mind Fiori developers who are already working around Fiori/OData for some time. So, if you are looking to sharpen your skills and get

This blog is for you if you have SAML authentication configured for your Fiori launchpad. Issue Whenever you leave your Fiori application idle for long time, when you return back you will be welcomed by

As we know Fiori gets its user image from JAM. It is common that not every customer have JAM integration, so most of the customers end up having a user icon there instead of having

Many a times we have scenarios to highlight a Table’s row based on some content inside that. Here is a way to achieve it. It has two steps involved. Create a property in the DOM

One of my colleague asked this question and I found that it is very easy to get the custom lines count in your server. Here is how. 1. Goto Tcode /SDF/CD_CCA =>Select “SAP Clone Finder”

Now that annotations are making UI5 development easier by using Smart controls, it is important to learn how to add these annotations to your service. SEGW does not yet allow you to add most of

I was working on Transaction IW32. My aim was to get the Notification screen fields into the main screen of IW32. So that required creating custom fields in main screen of IW32 and then having