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Lalitha Swaroop Krishna Tangudu

Hello SCN, I am sure many of you are aware of SAP’s latest innovation in “Analytics” space i.e SAP Business Objects Predictive Analysis tool. Let us see how this tool works, in this document I

Hello SCN, SAP Visual Intelligence is SAP’s latest innovation in the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer solution family. It is a desktop-based visualization and data manipulation solution that allows business users to acquire data from a variety

Hello SCN, In this document, we shall discuss about how to connect to SAP HANA Database and Create a “Information space” using “Explorer” and get the “Geographic Display” of top 3 countries by “Sales Revenue”.

Hello SCN, We shall discuss about how to define “Hierarchies” in SAP HANA. In SAP HANA, we have a choice of creating 2 types of hierarchies: Level Hierarchy Parent Child Hierarchy Level Hierarchy:      Each

Hello folks, In this document, I will write the basic java program to connect to HANA Database and retrieve the information. I am going to consume the data model which I created using “graphical” editor

Hello Folks, We all know that we have Multi-language support in SAP BW. Let us now discuss how do we achieve multi language support for the objects / information models which we create in SAP

Hello Friends, What is a Package? This is a procedure for grouping together the related information objects in a structured way. Types of Packages: Use: It groups all the information models and makes it easier

Hello Folks, As we know we have an ODBC driver available for SAP HANA. We can use Microsoft Query to connect to SAP HANA Database to access tables. Proceedure: Select “DATA” and goto “ Other

Thank you SCN for broadening my thinking to understand the value of “I” in the “B”. With 1.7 years of experience in IT industry of which I have 1.5 years of experience in SAP “BI”. 

Hello Folks, In this document, I will walkthrough the simple basic navigations which you would do when you are provided access to your HANA Sandbox system and it helps you to get a look &