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In the previous posts about S/4 HANA, I have explained what are all the factors that need to be considered while migrating to S/4HANA and what are the options available while migrating to S/4. As

This post provides an overview of changes in S/4 HANA from the Joint Venture Accounting (JVA) perspective. S/4 HANA requires new asset accounting, customer vendor integration and the new GL. The prerequisite details can be

My previous post “How to get ready for S/4 Finance” gives an overview of “Preparation” phase. This posts provides an overview of “Installation” and “Customizing” phases of S/4 HANA Migration from Finance perspective. Installation Installation

  There are many factors to consider while going to S/4 HANA. This posts analyze the options for on-premise S/4 HANA and the possible implementation methods and their influencing factors from Finance perspective. If you