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Are the file stores eating up all your resources and you don’t know which reports are causing it? BI 4.1 SP7 Windows installation Well you can analyze it via tools like TreeSize Free.  A simple

Following the Data exploration trends I investigated in how to achieve it in WebI. With happiness I look back to the result and the thought it was actually rather simple. Just as the way we

Capturing input control values is an easy thing when you set the input control’s dependency to the whole report or document.  Unfortunately in most cases you use the input control to filter only a part (a specific

  How to create a search engine in WebI using an input control where we can type some tag-words and see the result of our lookup in number of hits and the result in detail.

I checked a lot of posts here and there are a lot telling us please use F12 to see which CSS code is used behind your component, so you can make changes.  Well with this blog

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.6 on SAP Netweaver Portal.  In the roadmap of SAP we learn that the way to go is to embed your Design Studio app’s to the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform.  But

A report needs a visualization of the used fiters, certainly when it is exported. In webi you can use some nice formula’s to show the filters used via prompting. 1 UserResponse Example: Userresponse(“Ledger”), Ledger is

In order to achieve financial statements reports, I had to work out how to work with the BW hierarchies.  This document is meant to share the things I learned. This is accomplished in BI 4.1

Hi, While creating a lot of new reports based on a lot of new restricted key figures.  I created an “audit report” to achieve a transparent and reportable view on our meta-data. The goal of

Hi, SAP LUMIRA CLOUD I accepted the challenge to join Thrones of Data.  With the Lumira Application I wanted to analyse the past Cycling season.  Who was the real champion of last season?  Regarding ProCyclingStats