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A response to emergencies such a fires or traffic accidents often requires a multi-agency response. But  despite high levels of commitment, poor coordination between relevant parties is quite often the greatest impediment to efficient incident management.

INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY FOR MORE EFFICIENT LAW ENFORCEMENT To reduce cost, optimize resources and to reduce crime with predictive policing the French Police builds on the wealth of information that resides within their various databases, all in compliance

Today I would like to speak about a  common dilemma for many law enforcement agencies around the world. And this dilemma is based on the accelerated digitization that has taken place. On the bright side,

Dear Public Security Community, Luzern in Switzerland is always worth a trip. But to top this, please be aware that the French Gendarmerie Nationale has accepted my invitation to present on SAP Forum in Switzerland

Just released! SAP HANA enables Transport of London to ask questions over a short period of time they couldn’t do before. Now if they plan for future events they can play with data and come

Many law enforcement agencies rely on a variety of siloed and aging applications  to track down criminals. Unfortunately, those systems are by far not designed to address challenges of policing in the year 2016. And

The National Integrity Agency  (ANI, www.integritate.eu.) is generally regarded as Romania’s main means of fulfilling the country’s promise to the EU to come clean on corruption. A problem that has bedeviled Romania since the fall

Another great proof point of SAP Investigative Case Management (ICM) now in conjunction with SAP HANA and SAP Predictive Analytics The Authority is generally regarded as the country’s main means of fulfilling the country’s promise

SAP ICM helps Italy’s II Servizio centrale di investigazione sulla criminalità organizzata to fight the Mafia, drug trafficking, cigarette smuggling, counterfeiting, kidnapping and human trafficking. Please read more on: http://www.spik.ch/getattachment/42dfc0c2-d7fa-45de-b311-43ecf852d6d5/SAP—Guardia-di-Finanzia.aspx Klaus Wigand Global Solution Manager

How do they do it? By joining data of many disparate agencies together and harnessing large amounts of complex information, Indiana creates personalized solutions for individuals based on risk assessments. Read more on: Indiana Gov’t