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Several colleagues asked me what I think about Selenium. Selenium has, similar to many tools, advantages and disadvantages and any advice can only be given context specific.  Jonathan Benn has compiled the following list of

JavaScript has many pitfalls. In strict mode you can detect some bugs earlier. Strict mode makes several changes to normal JavaScript semantics: First, strict mode eliminates some JavaScript silent errors by changing them to throw

For local testing and unit testing, you can replace an ODataModel by a JSON model. The semantics of these two models is quite different. For testing, the following differences are relevant. First, you have to

A common issue of many UI tests is their fragility. The tests have often to be changed when the underlying structure of the UI has changed. So, how can we get rid of this fragility?

How can I get a better testability of an SAPUI5 application? The essential precondition for efficient unit testing, a more adaptable application and better code is to master the handling of dependencies. For more background

The main focus of unit tests is to focus on small units in isolation. But only focusing on the small units does not touch all the code. So this blog post clarifies the difference between

Having talked to many developers, we found out that there is a huge demand for topics around engineering of SAPUI5 applications. The dynamic nature of JavaScript makes the language very powerful, but it is also

Wouldn’t it be nice to get instant feedback if your application still works after each change? Having the correct setup of your development environment, this can be easily achieved. With local testing, you get instant

Are you scared of making changes to our code? Do you spent a lot of time debugging or maintaining your code? Are you new to JavaScript and do not know the language’s many pitfalls ?

On the last GTAC Mark Trostler (a Google Software Engineer) has given a presentation about testable JavaScript Code and how testability relates to high quality code and adaptivity to requirement changes. You can apply these